Oral Histories

HERAA’s Oral History Project captures the memories, experiences and history of the HER Cooperative House and its alumnae. HERAA recorded its first oral history interviews in 2016 during the annual Alumnae Tea in the form of brief interviews between current HER House residents and alumnae.


More interviews will be posted over time. For now please listen to an interview between Ena Selmanovic and Zoe Shei.


At the 2017 Alumnae Tea, HERAA will continue its oral history interviews and expand the project to include video interviews. We hope to use the video interviews, as well as interior shots of the historic mansion, to develop a film we can debut at the 2018 Annual Meeting & Alumnae Tea, which happens to be the 90th anniversary of the HER House, founded in 1928. We also hope to provide alumnae who are not able to join us in-person at the Alumnae Tea an opportunity to participate from home.

Alumnae and current House members can sign-up to participate in the oral histories or video here.