Harriet E. Richards Alumnae Association

The Harriet E. Richards Alumnae Association (HERAA) is dedicated to ensuring the continued existence of the Harriet E. Richards Cooperative House by advancing and protecting the shared issues and interests of HER alumnae and current residents.

Alumnae at Alumnae Tea 2010

Alumnae at annual Tea 2010

Each April at the annual Alumnae Tea and Meeting, senior House members are inducted into HERAA. To date, we have nearly 500 alumnae among us! Some of us live locally and some internationally, all with wonderful anecdotes to share about the time we lived in the House, the lifelong friendships we developed there and the effect the cooperative spirit has had on our lives today.

A volunteer Board of Overseers, consisting of alumnae located in the Boston area, meets monthly. The Board of Overseers is governed by the association By-Laws. The officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Director of Communications, and Clerk) are elected for year-long terms at the annual Alumnae Tea in April. The Board’s role is to liaise with Boston University officials, co-sponsor social events, publish an annual newsletter and maintain historical records. By raising money from alumnae, the Board also purchases and maintains furnishings and equipment for the House and sponsors resident awards and grants.

Alumnae have been active in House affairs since the beginning. HERAA provides current House members with a long-term perspective and assists in keeping intact the fundamental intent and spirit of the HER House.

If you are an alumna and would like to get involved, e-mail heralums.191@gmail.com for more information! All alumnae are welcome to attend monthly HERAA Board meetings and encourage to attend social events and annual meetings.

HERAA Board of Overseers 2016-2017

President Past President Vice President
Rebecca Martin, Class of 2007 Hillary Johnson, Class of 2001 Zoe Shei, Class of 2010
Treasurer Director of Communications Clerk
Sarah Newell, Class of 2015 Bobbie Dougherty, Class of 2007 Tessa Pliakas, Class of 2016

HERAA Committee Chairs 2016-2017

Website & Social Media Outreach Strategic Advisory Council
Romina Berberi, Class of 2016 Carly Fleming, Class of 2012 Sarah Newell, HERAA Treasurer, Class of 2015


HERAA is governed by By-Laws, available for viewing here. Changes to the by-laws are voted on by the HERAA memberships at each Annual Meeting.