Fall Newsletter is here!

The HERAA Board of Overseers is pleased to present the Fall/Winter 2016 newsletter. Inside you will find updates from HERAA, the current house members and from your fellow alumnae! You will also read about ways to stay involved and support the House and Board – no matter your location.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season!

Upcoming Opportunities for Alumnae to Get Involved!

Attention Alumnae: Join Housemembers at Sunday Dinners!

In an effort to have more Alumnae involved in the House, we want to extend an open invitation to all Alumnae to partake in a Sunday dinner on the 2nd Sundays of every month which would be ?10/11 and 11/18. The December date is tentative, and may be our Alumnae Cook Night instead.

All dinners at 6PM. Please RSVP to heralums.191@gmail.com.

DC and Boston Alumnae Events in September!

Join alumnae in DC and Boston this month to reconnect and reminisce about your days at the HER House.

We may no longer reside at 191 Bay State, but we’re looking to bring a little bit of the HER House to your neighborhood. Come out and connect with other alumnae in your city for an afternoon of laughter and a trip down memory lane.

Washington, DC
September 12th, 4-6PM
1333 14th Street NW
RSVP to Jill Sims, jillsims@bu.edu, by September 11th.

September 26th, 4-6PM
Scholars Boston Bistro
25 School Street
RSVP to Renee Gaillard, reneecyg@gmail.com, by September 20th.

Additional cities….
If you are interested in hosting an event in your city, please email us at heralums.191@gmail.com.

Meet the President: Nicole Rapkin (CAS ’16)

Meet the House President for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year in the interview below!

Nicole Rapkin (CAS ’16)

House President

Where are you originally from? How did you end up deciding to attend BU?


I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and grew up in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. After spending most of my life in a very small town, I knew I wanted to move to a big city. At the time, I intended to major in advertising, but I was interested in lots of other things as well. After looking at COM’s advertising program and seeing that if I chose to change my major (which I did), BU would have a strong program for whatever I decided to do. That’s when I knew BU was the perfect choice.


What are you hoping to do when you graduate next spring?


I am an International Relations major with a minor in Public Health, and I’m passionate about women’s health and women’s rights. I would like to combine these interests with my love for travel and spend a year or two doing field work abroad before pursuing a Master’s degree in either Global Health or Maternal and Child Health.


What has been one of your favorite memories of living in the HER House?


One of my favorite memories in the House was my first Senior Supper. We spent weeks preparing the decorations, personalized gifts, and an under-the-sea themed menu, but when the night of the dinner finally came, we could hardly get through the meal because the girls kept getting up to dance to Beyonce. I’m pretty sure most meals in the HER House go that way, and they’re all included in my favorite memories.


What has living in the HER House meant to you?


Living in the HER House has been so much more than a place to live. In addition to allowing me to pursue my degree, the support and love I receive from all the girls in the House has really allowed me to grow into myself, and I’ve loved being able to play a role in maintaining the House’s traditions for current and future HERlies.


What’s the greatest piece of advice you ever received?


Let people know when they’re appreciated. It’s always easy to let someone know when they’re doing something wrong, but taking time to acknowledge when someone says or does something nice can make a big impact.